Linear Systems. We’re moving straight ahead

The central pivot is undoubtedly the star of mechanical irrigation and well known around the planet in any agricultural enterprise. Its success is owed not only to its low cost per hectare but also its easy use and minimal maintenance. However, it is important to know that the central pivot is not always the best solution. In rectangular fields or other polygonal shapes, usually it is necessary to install several center pivots or part circle pivots to cover the most surface area possible. In those cases, the advantages of a linear system should be considered

What is a linear system?

Despite the fact that it is more and more common to find linear systems in the field and that sales of these types of machines have increased significantly in the last years, there are still many doubts and questions among final users. A linear system consists of a self-propelled cart (by electric cable or a generator) that moves along the spans to which it is connected. The supply of water can be obtained through suction from a canal along the system’s path or with pressurized flow through a flexible hose or polyethylene hose.

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