Parts & Services (After Sales)

  • The headquarters located on 6 October City, which includes the main workshops and the central parts stores, which has the privilege of its location as it is considered to be in a central position for the projects area, making it easy for customers to reach us easily.
  • Our continuous follow up of all equipment supplied through us and without prior request from the customer even after the expiry of the warranty period as continuous customer support are of our true values.
  • The after sales services department provides maintenance and spare parts for the customers (John Deere tractors, Pivots Irrigation Systems, Pumps, Electric Motors & Agricultural Equipment) all over Egypt we are renown of the following:

Our After Sales Department team divided into two sections depending on the services provided:

Irrigation Department

We have a team of Advanced trainees on maintaining the irrigation pivots and providing services related to it as nozzle charts and also have high experience in installation new pivots. We install average 250 pivots per year.

Agricultural Equipment and Tractor Department

  • Our engineers and technicians trained on the latest devices for diagnosing faults and repairs. Which led to sign maintenance contracts with the largest agricultural companies in Egypt.
  • In addition to our services, we added a new service which is renting sugar beet harvesting equipment to the companies working in this field, for ex. Holmer Harvest Machine.
  • We also cooperate with the Ministry of Environment in the maintenance and operation of rice straw balers.
  • We have a fleet of maintenance vehicles and mobile workshops that cover all sites of Egypt.
  • We have our own facility in East El Owainat, through which we provide all after sales services for the whole area and the surrounding areas.
  • We have a fixed location in Al Farafra Oasis, through which we provide all after sales services for this area and surrounding areas.