620R Rigid cutting platform


Hydraulic reel drive

Lever-adjusted reel tine angle

Stainless steel feed plate

Full width retracting fingers on intake auger

3 position table length adjustment

Cutting angle adjustable via feedeRight Handouse front plate

Epicyclical knife drive

Single belt drive system from Left Hand Side

Multi-coupler electro-hydraulic connection system with

mechanical lock of header

Integrated crop lifter storage bar

Left Hand side Composite made, drive protection shield

with 10 spare knives sections f.cutterbar w. Schumacher


or 10 spare knives sections f.cutterbar w. forged fingers

Auger anti wrapping shields

base cutting platform

reel with steel tines

Automatic Header Control (AHC) sensors

Bottom protection plates

cutterbar with Schumacher knives and guards

Auto reel speed

Return to position is available if the respective option is

selected in the combine price list