CAMPO was designed to satisfy all with many configurations. Its main strength is the powerful parallelogram lifter with 1500 mm of range, dampened by a nitrogen accumulator system. With this configuration is possible to match the machine to wider booms in the range, up to 36 m. The sprayer is a top range machine and can be featured to different levels: pressure control unit is available from manual version to ISOBUS computer. The air sleeve can be installed on demand on both 2200 or 3200 litres tanks, maximum working width of it is 28 m

Tri-jet nozzles

PTO shaft

Centralized control panel

Agitation circuit

Clear water tank

hand washing tank

Inner tank 360° spinning nozzle


Hydro-pneumatic boom dampener


Versions with manual control, electric o computer managed

270/95-R44 tyres (for 2200)

270/95-R48 tyres (for 3200