Our Standard panels are operator-friendly and easy to understand. They incorporate the highest quality electrical components and most advanced technology to effectively monitor and manage your fields.

Each panel is housed in a Stainless Steel Enclosure rated with NEMA 3R or better. Operator controls are standard electro-mechanical devices which include a Volt Meter, Hour Meter, and Percent Timers, and are operated using either push buttons or twist switches.


Panels are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality standards, and include:

  • Main On/Off switch
  • Percentage timer
  • Manual or automatic start (by voltage)
  • Direction of rotation
  • Timed 3-second safety stop
  • External voltmeter
  • Hour meter
  • Auxiliary switch (e.g. fertigation pump)


  • Stop and/or start by pressure
  • Stop by temperature (<3°C)
  • Auto Reverse/Auto Stop system
  • End Gun Control



EvoTouch System panel places direct, web-based control at your fingertips. EvoTouch gives you the ability to control application rates as crops demand , monitor system functions in real time and navigate from a single, remote source.

Housed in a NEMA 3X stainless steel enclosure with built-in Wi-Fi access, it is the newest in WESTERN’S series of programmable panels. By utilizing the latest in high-resolution touch screen technology, the EvoTouch panel boasts screen brightness almost twice that of most cell phones.

The EvoTouch panel has standard generic Wi-Fi protocol that is compatible with all the mainstream Internet browsers. EvoTouch includes a simple quick start menu and manual override for basic users.

The EvoTouch is housed in stainless steel enclosure and comes for WESTERN systems with a built in Wi-Fi access point.


What makes the Evolution Series a market leader?

EvoTouch has 9 separate water application programs with up to 24 steps per program.
The program also has 9 separate field or end gun programs also with 24 sectors per field.

Our engineers have also solved the programming logic of navigating a pivot through a circle in such a way as to allow you to start, stop, or restart any step, referencing a particular heading (or step) without restarting a whole new program cycle.

We also use a unique application of a military grade compass to get repeatable, accurate heading data to the control panel.

With this accuracy and consistency, the expense of GPS guidance becomes unnecessary.
Our navigation-grade positioning system simplifies setup and eliminates the need to constantly recalibrate for different field positions.

Constantly sensing Magnetic North, it eliminates the tolerance challenges inherent with conventional encoders and is a great addition to towable units.

Our Evolution Series integrated monitoring and control system saves time and expense by allowing you to monitor performance and position of your system from home, office, or even the cab of your truck.


Field View Server is used to Poll/ Retrieve Data Automatically

· Field View can retrieve operating data from 150 machines in about 30 seconds.
· Field View stores data for instant access over the internet and other programs.



It is a unique remote irrigation management product that uses GSM technology to monitor and manage your irrigation systems.

When you choose iControlRemote you don’t need to change your existing standard control panel nor do you need to add another junction box beside your control panel.

iControlRemote compact controller installs inside the last tower box of your center pivot to allow you to monitor and manage your irrigation systems remotely without changing your existing control panel.

It comes with a built-in SIM card which automatically selects the preferred network to connect your center pivot to our iControlRemote.com website where you can monitor and manage your irrigation systems remotely.

It works with Western and Pierce systems as well as all other brands available in the market.

iControlRemote product has been developed for Western and Pierce control panels. It can be used with basic electromechanical panels or advanced panels whenever the panel includes the Auto Reverse function.

iControlRemote is compatible with the most of other electrical pivot manufacturers. It can also be easily adapted to other types of center pivots for an additional cost.

iControlRemote.com website allows you to monitor the current status of your irrigation systems including current end pressure, speed percentage, angle, endgun, total hours running and total hours with water.

iControlRemote and its website iControlRemote.com display your historical operations in a graphical format to help you easily visualize the status of your irrigation systems during the growing season.



  • Start/Stop
  • Forward/Reverse
  • End gun ON/OFF
  • Speed %
  • Speed controlled by iControlRemote Main Panel.




  • Start/Stop programs on weekly calendar.
  • End gun control by sector.
  • Speed % and Water application depth controlled by sector and by running direction.
  • Auto Reverse or Auto Stop controlled by 2 angles with delay if with water
  • Stop in Slot by Angle.




  • Span position on Google Map.
  • Status of the machine (ON/OFF).
  • Running direction.
  • End Gun Status.
  • Real Speed of the machine (%).
  • Depth application (mm).
  • Pressure at the last tower (as an option if pressure transducer is installed).
  • Position by angle relative to North.
  • GPS signal.
  • GSM signal.
  • Total Hour Counter.
  • Water Hour Counter.
  • Water volume (m³).



  • Cable Theft Alarm.
  • Power lost.
  • Low pressure.
  • No water.
  • Direction change.
  • GPS connection lost.



  • Pressure transducer on the last tower.
  • Water control (ON/OFF): needs additional device to control pump or valve on the hydraulic networks.
  • Solar panel for cable theft alarm when machine is without power during the winter season.
  • Compatible with iprox product to control pump station, Solid Set sprinklers, Drip Irrigation and other network valves.




Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) is an easy and quick method of precisely controlling water application rates over various crops under center pivots which offers a number of powerful features previously unavailable from the factory on a Pierce/Western system.

Using GPS technology in conjunction with cellular data, the user can remotely monitor, program, and control their center pivot. This technology, when combined with a robust local communication scheme and a control valve specifically designed for this application, can be leveraged to offer precise control of every sprinkler on the machine!

This allows the user to very easily define no spray zones, variable irrigation rate zones, etc. in order to make better use of the most important resource they have available to them, water. Runoff is eliminated, water use efficiency increases, waste of fertilizers and chemicals applied by the system is decreased, and most importantly, crop yields increase thanks to a precise level of control second to none.