Pick Up

2,0m or 2,2m pick up width with 6mm teeth

Stainless steel stripper

5 teeth bars with ball bearings

Compressor shield or crop compressor roll

Compressing rods

Hydraulic pick up lift

Adjustable down stop & Floating

Gauge wheels

Cam Clutch

High Capacity (HC) feeding system

HC rotor with converging augers on rotor axle

Hardox™ rotor tines

Full width + parallel kinematic drop floor

Drop floor controlled from the cab

Maxicut HC 13 rotor feeder

0/13 knives selection piloted from the cab

80 mm space between knives

Knives individually spring loaded

124 kW or 157 kW Transmission

Maxicut HC 25 rotor feeder

0/12/13/25 knives selection piloted from the cab

40 mm or 80mm space between knives

Knives individually spring loaded

157 kW Transmission

Bale chamber

Adjustable bale diameter from 1,25m to 1,35m set-up from

the cab

Bale chamber width: 1.21m

16 or 17 twelve ribs baling rolls + 1 starter roll

4 reinforced rolls (#10/11/14 & 17) sitting on 55mm

diameter double row ball bearing on driven side

Greasable rolls ball bearings

Double rolls ball bearings sealing protection

HD 1-1/4″ bale chamber & feeder rotors drive chains

Automatic chains lubrication (volumetric pump)

Adjustable bale density at control valve (knob) or from the


Hydraulic pressure gauge either on baler or on monitor for

ISOBUS monitors

Density booster

Hydraulic gate lock-out


Net wrapping system

2 net rolls as loading capacity

Compatible with CoverEdge and Edge to Edge net

Loading ramp for easy loading of net rolls

2 ladders


BaleTrak Plus/Implement Display 1100/Greenstar 1800

Monitor support not included


6 or 21 (1000 RPM only) splines driveline

Increased lubrication interval and free rotation

540 RPM/124 kW or 1000 RPM/157 kW cam clutch protected

Tractor requirement

Minimum tractor HP = 100 hp with Maxicut HC 13

Minimum tractor HP = 120 hp with Maxicut HC 25

1 Double acting SCV is required for tailgate

1 Double acting SCV is required for the pickup

One 3-pins 12V electric plug is required in cab