Engine: :


MAN D2676 LE 121SCR with AdBlue technology

Engine rating: 383 kW (520 HP)



  • mechanical axles at front and rear
  • axles driven via propeller shafts
  • 2-speed transfer box, hydrostatically driven
  • automatic control of engine speed and drivetrain


  • front: portal planetary steering axles with brakes
  • rear: planetary steering axles with brakes



Front and rear axles are provided with controllable differential locks


Driving speeds:

  • 1st gear: 0–12 km/h steplessly variable
  • 2nd gear: 0–25 km/h steplessly variable (0-32 km/h optional)
  • Cruise control in 1st and 2nd gear


Hydraulic system:



Topper Units:

KOS toppers in the following models

  • KOS I (integral topper)
  • KOS KO (can be changed over from leaf spreading to integral function) EB unit (defoliator, with two counter-rotational rubber-lined topper/cleaning shafts for gentle defoliation without scalping)


Leaf recovery:

  • by means of conveyor belt
  • Attached with quick-coupling device for KOS BS and KOS KO toppers
  • incl. leaf conveyor carriage for road transport

Scalper: Parallel scalper with automatic topping thickness control:

The cutting thickness of all 6 blades can be adjusted centrally from the driver‘s seat.

HOLMER DynaCut with a higher response speed for economically optimized cut defoliation


Lifter unit:

KR lifter (6 rows) with vertically adjustable roller track in the following



  • KR 45 (constant 17.72 in. row width)
  • KR 50 (constant 19.69 in. row width)
  • VR (variable row widths 17.72; 18.70; 18.90; 19.69 in.)

HR lifter (6 rows) with vertically adjustable roller track and single-row units in the following versions:

  • HR 45 (constant 17.72 in. row width)
  • HR 50 (constant 19.69 in. row width)
  • VHR (variable row widths 17.72; 18.70; 18.90; 19.69 in.)

HR –M lifter with vertically adjustable roller track and single-row units in the following versions:

  • different row numbers up to 4,50m working width
  • in combination with the integral toppers IS/8 and IS/9 with quick-coupling system and transport carriage for road transport
  • Linear lateral mobility of 2.76 in. among all pairs of shares
  • Zero maintenance due to oil bath
  • Automatic depth control via driven feeler wheels, adjustable from the driver‘s seat
  • Walking vibrating shares
  • Spiral rollers reversible
  • Lifter unit offset feature 7.87 in. to the left or right of the vehicle (safeguards the adjacent row)
  • Special dimensions on request



  • 6 long spiral rollers / 7 rollers with HR–M
  • 4 short spiral rollers
  • 3 turbines with automatic speed adjustment



  • Segment gates or spring tine gates which can be combined
  • Central infinite vertical adjustment from the driver’s seat with indication on the terminal
  • Automatic and manual speed adjustment


  • Double „Continental“ type web with steel bars – width 900 mm
  • 10 speeds

Beet distribution in holding tank: Tank scroll, reversible: automatic and manual


Tank bottom:

  • longitudinal and transverse slat conveyors, each with 4 drive chains, hardened and tempered
  • automatic hydraulic chain tensioning
  • screw-fastened segmented base



  • Possible automatically with sequence control
  • discharge elevator, longitudinal and transverse slat conveyor speed can be controlled
  • 1012,54 cubic feet in less than 40 sec


Discharge elevator:

  • unloading height programmable via memory feature
  • contour: discharge elevator retracted in machine during lifting operation
  • width: 72.83 in.
  • hydraulically folding
  • Transfer of beets onto trailer moving alongside the machine possible during lifting operation
  • Controllable discharge conveyor speed when emptying the tank during lifting operation


Comfort cabin:

  • climate control – optional air conditioning system
  • Radio with MP3 and CD player (optional)
  • 2 vent windows
  • Colour terminal
  • USB interface to read customer data in and out
  • glazing for panoramic vision
  • sound-insulated
  • extremely quiet – 56.5 dB(A)

Lighting • 2 rotating beacons

  • 25 working lights
  • Xenon front and rear (optional)

Warning device: • Beet flow recorded via terminal

  • hydraulic oil and engine oil monitoring by acoustic and visual warning signals



(preselectable steering combinations)

  • Four-wheel steer
  • Diagonal steer
  • Turn steer
  • Automatic steering control
  • On-road driving with articulated steer

Central lubrication: Electronically controlled (BEKA MAX)


Fuel tank:

  • approx. 1150 liters (70 l AdBlue tank)
  • Separate connector for refuelling from tank truck

Holding tank volume: 1012,54 cubic feet

Transfer height: 153,54 in

Overall length: 496,06 in.

Overall width: • 118,11 in. in case of a row width of 17,71 in.

  • 118,11 in. in case of a row width of 19,69 in. or 17,71-19,69 in.

Overall height: 156,69 in.

Wheelbase: 225,59 in.


Front tyres:

  • 800/65 R32 (width approx. 31,49 in.)
  • 900/55 R32 (width approx. 35,43 in. in case of a row width of 19,69 in.)
  • IF 800/70 R38 (with 1,5 bar) (optional)


Rear tyres:

  • 1050/50 R32

Transfer height of leaf belt: 145,67 in.

RCleaning track: Over 472,44 in.

Lifter output: up to 2.5 ha/h