WESTERN & PIERCE Linears are the perfect solution for rectangular or squared parcels.

Engineered to travel in a straight path, they are capable of irrigating up to 98% of your field and use 60% less water due to precise water application and high distribution uniformity. This reduces labor costs by as much as 50% when compared with flood irrigation. Moreover, WESTERN linear systems feature a swinging around option, doubling the amount of land irrigated.

Linear irrigation systems are unlike pivots, in that not as much water is needed at the outer end of the system. Each fixed or dynamic sprinkler applies the same flow rate regardless of its position on the system, making it ideal for low-pressure applications.
Two water delivery systems are available on the WESTERN Linear: Ditch or Canal Feed (shown here), and Hose Feed which connects to either the end or center of the cart.

When choosing the Ditch Feed system, power options include a Gen-Set diesel generator add-on to the pump set. Choose from furrow, above ground cable or buried-cable guidance systems.