Mechanical seed drill with plastic dosing rollers for small and large seeds

Three point hitch, cat. II

3 rows of coulters

Cam gearbox in oil bath

Single transmission

Centralized seeding depth adjustment

6.00 – 16 drive wheels (250-300 version)

10.00/75-15.3 drive wheels (360-400 version)

Hopper with seed level indicator

Seed covering harrow with footboard

Calibration control

Mud scrapers on transmission wheels

Lighting kit (disassembled)

Tractor hydraulic distributors required: Max 2

All models are produced with HILL version seed hopper for sowing on steeply sloping ground.

Row marker (not included)

Hopper capacity seed:

S250: 460L

S300: 620L

S360: 903L

S400: 1050L

Hopper capacity seed – manure

SC250: 260L+200L

SC300: 340L+280L

SC360: 492L+411L

SC400: 570L+480L