We are able to provide a fully integrated solution for any irrigation project all over the world. Our international engineering team provides the best design that meets the full needs of our customer, focusing on water application and highly efficient irrigation results.

We supply the equipment and materials required and our highly skilled and experienced team installs the equipment and ensures efficient and effective performance.

We manage the implementation of the project and ensure that your personnel receive training for proper use of the technology. Moreover, we can offer a variety of financial options to set up your project.




Irrigation using the Center Pivots requires electricity to run. But, the traditional energy sources face a big challenge of rising prices. As a result of this and other challenges, governments, businesses and consumers are increasingly supporting the development of alternative energy sources and new technologies for electricity generation. Renewable energy source such as solar has emerged as an important alternative.

Solar energy is not only sustainable, and renewable which means it will never run out. It is an important natural source of power to generate electricity.

In this regard, and to help our valued customers to reduce operating cost, Alkhorayef Irrigation Solutions designed a solar power system to work with centre pivot.

We visit your farm, evaluating your working system, making calculations, and provide the most suitable solution.

We handle everything starting from calculating required power, to installing solar panels, and batteries, through making foundations and frames. It’s a turnkey project with several years’ experience from Alkhorayef Irrigation Solutions.