iControlPump saves your money

The iControl Total pump controllers, in addition to looking after supervision, remote control and programming pumping and fertigation, incorporate a continuous adjustment functionality into the pump pressure setpoint, and this is what makes the difference: this setting is fed by the instantaneous pressures measured by the sensors on the last span of each pivot and the valves for the coverage sectors (instead of using only the pump outlet pressure, as is habitual). This means that at some moments, pump energy consumption will be that for the maximum pressure set, namely while irrigating the highest areas, and the rest of the time it is supplying one, two, three or more kg/cm² below that fixed setpoint. The amount of the saving depends fundamentally on the differences in elevation between different parts of the ground and the dynamic level  of the well. Thanks to this functionality, on real facilities, iControl Total controllers are saving between 10% and 30% of the energy consumption, which in the majority of cases, allows the investment to be recouped in a few months.

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