Producing more with less

It seems evident that small fields have very different needs from large areas. Despite this and people’s awareness of the difference, the same machinery continues in use today in both spaces.
Western has designed an irrigation system matching field specifications of up to 30 hectares with low flow rates. This pivot is the most economical alternative as it uses less energy and employs the most suitable components for the watered area. It is devised especially for use by farmers who wish to irrigate their small plots automatically at a competitive price, but without troublesomeness.

Small Field offers many of the options appearing in systems with more spans: movable pivot option, possibility of automation with iControlRemote, all control panels available, wheels of different sizes…

What are the benefits of the Small Field pivot?

  • Excellent results for minimal investment.
  • Reduction in energy costs.
  • Versatility and flexibility, as it can be used with all kinds of conditions and crops.
  • Lower cost per hectare.
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