Research and Development

Many organizations support and encourages the research and development. Nowadays, Irrigation and Agriculture are full of challenges, however there is more opportunities to come over these challenges. Only innovation, research and development can do it.


One of the best scientific solutions is the Artificial intelligence, the Artificial Intelligence is approach of computer science to study and emphasize the relationship between computation and cognition. On the other hand, the Artificial Intelligence attempt to achieve some kind of intelligent machines that work and react like humans depend on huge inputs and databases.


We can describe the databases that a system are computer systems that store a large body of facts about some subject in such a way that they can be used to facilitate the process, reduce costs and maximize return on investment.


Machine simulation allows you to run your machine as logical thinking abilities of humans which we called it intelligence. The Automated learning which is conducted by the machine is giving itself the ability to ‘learn’ and propose its algorithms that can detect patterns and generate ideas from the data of application to future decision-making and forecasting processes.


In Western, we are using the Artificial Intelligence as a combination between I Control Remote, Weather station and soil moisture sensor, then we can take all parameters, factors and outcomes as references that influence decision making.


These references can give us facts about the irrigation times and amount of water. Thus, we can track, analyze and monitor the progress of irrigation process to ensure the success of Artificial Intelligence process. So Western is your crops future friend, all your wishes are in one hand.

Center-pivot irrigation system
Irrigation Application Management