Center-pivot irrigation system

Center-pivot irrigation systems’ have been used in many areas where irrigation is either necessary or desired to increase crop production. Such center-pivot irrigation systems have excelled, due to their simplicity of operation and convenient one-pivot water supply, and have yielded quite substantial increases in crop production. A center-pivot irrigation system for use with a water source connected to a central water supply point and an electrical conductor generating a field and defining a path related to the configuration of the area to be irrigated.

Our Western CP600 is a system designed to adapt to a variety of weather, crop and field conditions, all the while providing maximum performance as it relates to water efficiency and increased crop yields, year after year.

The system can be configured a variety of span lengths and overhang combinations with multiple sprinkler packages. Our pivots are designed to work long hours and give you plenty of satisfaction. They operate under the most extreme conditions, on almost any surface, and with any type of water.

More than 25,000 irrigation systems sold in over 80 countries have proven that we offer the best irrigation equipment.

We have also the parts that customers need for machines. Through our extensive Official Distributor network, and the best warranty program on the market, we make sure your irrigation system never stops working.

We supply a customized irrigation chart, specifically designed to meet all different needs. All Western pivots are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality standards. The quality of components is the highest on the market.

Our technicians and distributors will advise you on what machine to buy. They’ll install it for you and offer their services to provide the maintenance required to ensure guarantee. Choose Western, choose the comfort.

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