Water Challenges

According to FAO, around 50%-60% of the water that used for irrigation is being wasted due to runoff, wind and evaporation. For example, a single landscape can waste up to 25,000 gallons of water annually if there no proper well maintained and functionally operated irrigation system.


We could also be on the brink of disaster. Around 50% of world’s population will be living in areas of water poverty and fighting over water resources by 2030, including 75 to 250 million people in Africa only.


Other things give cause for concern too. Saving water, increase efficiency, reducing costs, maintain the quality of soil and minimizing the time are common challenges faces the irrigation industry and the biggest challenge is to turn these into goals and business opportunities.


All these challenges are not really as complicated as lack of finding efficient irrigation methods and systems. We are in western prioritize efforts to innovate strong and dynamic high technology to cooperatively increase water-use efficiency, reduce water waste, and manage demand by manufacturing, providing and adopting a wide cost-effective and customizable automated irrigation systems for both large- and small-scale farming operations and ensure productivity and sustainability. Also, to operate, manage and maintain the scheme of products and involve the human factor to enhance safety and increase productivity.


Hence, as a professional provider of well configured irrigation systems and managed services with long term contract warranty, we also have designed water applications to facilitate your control wherever you are. Provide various equipped spare parts through our certified distributor partners network and professional team and staff to cope with the demand and achieve the maximum return on investment.

Western is your perfect choice of comfort and your crop’s future friend.

Center-pivot irrigation system