iControl: Irrigation control technology at its best

The journey hasn’t finished yet. In the past decade, farmers and business owners never realized that they would be able to monitor their farms and control irrigation remotely. Operations and other processes, via a smartphone or any other technology that relieved them of the trouble and hardship of relying on traditional assets

We made all of these things something available to farmers and clients who are looking for modern technology that facilitate irrigation operations to monitor their business and preserve them from damage and loss, and as a challenge to many climatic changes that cause the agricultural crop to be lost.

This unique remote irrigation management product that uses GSM technology to monitor and manage your irrigation systems from just one place which is your mobile phone. You’ll be able to find all charts and reports will help you make the good decisions for the maximum productivity of your operations.

In addition to that, our new website helps farmers and business owners to facilitates the process of organizing, monitoring and controlling irrigation. The system works by installing the control device and linking it to pivots, pump, temperature and humidity sensors, and supports connecting to the mobile phone network, the Internet, and controlling and following up operations through smart phones. This offers to our clients’ multiple advantages and facilitate a lot of time, effort and money.

You can find on our new website all data and information about of iControlRemote which is a state-of-art technology designed to easily manage your irrigation systems remotely, without changing your existing control panel, thus users of iControlRemote.com can login though the web to the new platform. So the website allows you to simultaneously control and manage your irrigation systems remotely. iControlRemote displays your historical operations in a graphic format to help you easily visualize the status of your irrigation systems during the growing season.

Another tool is the iControlPump which is the automation and remote management tool for pumping that lets you manage your system from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. It makes you manage and program the pumping and irrigation processes in a centralized, remote way for all your property from anywhere in the world. It’s a well-known as problem-free connection between the pumping process and the solenoid valves even on irregular land or where there is no mobile telephone coverage. The wireless solenoid valve control modules make installing and removing the system easier and faster.

The third tool is the iControlTotal which is a remote management and automation tool for pumps, solid set, drip and pivots using a PC, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet. It will help in improving your profits thanks to increased precision control of the frequency and consistency of the irrigation, water, energy usage and reduced labor costs. iControlTotal can also take weather conditions into account to help you make the best irrigation decisions. It’s also a multi-functional product custom-designed according to each field’s needs thanks to the expansive available features catalog.

It is need to put in our consideration many factors, such as we offer 24/7 support for a comfort and easy experience and for safety and security so we are welcoming all feedback and reviews about our new technology; also, you will get an alert whenever an unauthorized person enters your premises.

Our new website came after many researches and consideration to every single user experience that make your journey easy and offer you the utmost comfort in management and control at home.

iControlExpert.com is your prefect choice for future irrigation processes.

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